Poweltec is an independent service company dedicated to the improvement of oil and/or gas field production by the use of polymer and surfactant technologies.

Thanks to its deep knowledge in these chemicals POWELTEC is one of the leader in the following domains.

Main domains of activity


POWELTEC staff has been involved in all the major breakthroughs achieved in polymer EOR for 30 years. The design of the first polymer flood pilot in Daqing (the largest polymer flood project worldwide), the conception of the first heavy oil horizontal well polymer flood in Pelican Lake, and the first deep offshore polymer flood in Dalia are evidences of this leadership.


Remarkable results have been obtained in the treatment of gas wells for ten years.
Drastic reduction of sand production was observed saving a lot of maintenance costs. The efficiency of POWELTEC's treatments last several years. Re-treatments have also been performed successfully.


POWELTEC WSO/ CC processes have been successfully applied in more than 100 field cases worldwide, i.e., gas wells, multi-layer waterflooded wells, heavy-oil horizontal wells, fractured reservoirs, sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.

R&D programs

POWELTEC keeps building its expertise through extensive R&D programs in cooperation with universities, research centers, chemical manufacturers and field operators. The most recent POWELTEC R&D projects concern the development of EOR polymers for high-temperature reservoirs (up to 120°C) and the development of an innovating generation of WSO/Conformance and Sand Control products (until 180°C and 250 g/L TDS reservoir brine).
Private Access

Alain Zaitoun, CEO

CEO Alain Zaitoun received his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1979.  After 30 years spent in R&D, he established in 2007 his own company Poweltec. Alain has authored a number of technical publications.He is also a member of the Steering Committee of the SPE Oilfield Chemistry Conference. He was a SPE Distinguished Lecturer (2009-2010) on polymer applications and EOR.
Alain Zaitoun​’s team have a comprehensive background and knowledge of O&G operators.

5000 square feet laboratory in Rueil-Malmaison, FRANCE

with a broad range of up-to-date equipements as :
  • 7 Coreflood rigs (for 1.5" cores and 1" cores and pressure taps) HP/HT
  • 2 Coreflood lp/lt (chemical screening)
  • 1 Formation Damage rig
  • 2 Deoxygenation ramps (API standard)
  • 1 Glove box
  • Several kinds of rheometers

Have a look at our lab capabilities
  • 1 Filtration unit (API standard)
  • Dissolution units
  • 1 Mechanical degradation unit (API standard)
  • Analytical apparatus (Carbon and Nitrogen analyzers, UV and light scattering spectrophotometers)

Integrated Services

  • SCAL services
  • Products screening & selection
  • HP/HTcorefloods
  • Formation damage
  • Long-term stability tests
  • Model construction 3D
  • History matching
  • Upscaling of lab results
  • Optimization of injection scheme
  • Economics forecasts
  • Process design
  • Product delivery
  • Technical support
  • Quality control
  • Post-treatment

environmentally friendly

Different families of products with low environmental impact have been designed for both Water Shut-Off & Conformance Control.

The products are environmentally friendly. They can be used up to 180°C and 260 g/L TDS salinity.